We will help you calculate the tax rate when selling or buying real estate in Spain. 

Calculate and submit tax returns as property owner. Give timely advice on the status of the tax resident of Spain, fill out the model of property declaration

The main task of any company is to maximize profit. 

 The significant cost of the enterprise is precisely tax payments, and therefore the answer is simple - tax optimization is needed. 

When optimizing taxation, the main issue is how to manage the opportunities and benefits provided by the law as competently as possible. In practice, many entrepreneurs simply do not use these opportunities due to ignorance of the benefits provided by the state, using which it is possible to reduce the amount of taxes and postpone their payment.

Of course, the possibility of applying a particular benefit largely depends on the organizational and legal form of the enterprise, which, in turn, determines what taxes and at what rates the organization will pay, what reporting and with what frequency to submit.

Depending on the organizational and legal form and type of activity, tax benefits can be provided in the form of reduced existing rates, full exemption from paying tax payments, postponement and installment payments, tax holidays, tax amnesty, investment tax credit, tax deductions.

We will choose the best optimization for you based on your company data. 

Planning allows you not only to save, but also to allocate funds properly. 

 We will also assist you in calculating the tax rate when selling or buying real estate in Spain, in transactions with tax returns. We will advise you on the status of the Spanish tax resident. 

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